Company Profile
Our commitment to our clients is to ensure that their message is professionally delivered to their customers. Consequently, it becomes our job to help you realize your company objectives while enhancing the product's image.
Our professional staff have all commenced their careers as artists and developed the latest illustration techniques with the aid of up-to-date technology.

We always endeavor to give you the fastest service without compromising on the best design. We are very familiar with working under pressure, through the collection of data and analysis to planning and execution. However, as we work as a creative team, the deadline is always met.
Our prices may not be the lowest in the market but our truly appropriate and conceptual based design will ensure the highest value.

Intermedia Pressindo uses conceptual based design for graphics, websites and others promotional media.
Intermedia Pressindo has a professional working environment and has become a leading graphics design, web design and media company in East Indonesia.

In carrying out our mission, we are committed to:
- Profit and Growth
- Employee Benefits
- Active Customer Service and Quality
- Business Etiquette
- Social Responsibility

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